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Died of illness was said to have fallen to death zigong women to cheat insurance was found out
The owner of a new car that caught fire received 80,000 yuan in insurance compensation
"All insurance" can not guarantee all insurance companies do not claim cars
The insurance company is exempt from liability for failing to report to the police after the accident
Insurance company pays $35,000 for new car stolen without a license plate
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China Insurance Regulatory Commission on deepening the reform of insurance intermediary market
The State Council issued the document on streamlining administration and delegating power in 2015
Operating Conditions of insurance professional intermediaries in 2012
Congratulations to Jishi Insurance Agency and Taikang Life Insurance
Basic service standard of insurance professional agency
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    Jilin Jishi Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive insurance agency approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission on August 15, 2006, engaged in property insurance, life insurance and health insurance agency services。The company has been operating agent business for many years, familiar with the insurance market, and maintains close cooperation with many insurance companies in the province。Acting sales of insurance products, to meet the needs of all sectors of society and enterprises and institutions, welcomed by the public。The company has sound organizational structure, perfect service system and rich professional service experience。With a strong technical force, from the perspective of proper transfer of risk, for the purchase of insurance customers to provide insurance consultants and financial experts services。The company carries out the development strategy of steady operation, inheriting the past and opening up, seeking innovation, change and development。On the one hand, strengthening infrastructure construction, on the other hand, focusing on talent training and the adoption of new technologies, not only provides customers with more opportunities and convenience to buy insurance products, but also lays a solid and reliable foundation for the diversified development of the company's agency business。As a senior agency company in the province, we always follow the business philosophy of "integrity-based, service first" and devote ourselves to creating a high-quality insurance agency company。As a modern insurance agency, it always keeps pace with The Times, takes the pursuit of excellence as the process, and aims to maximize the interests of customers and partners. It constantly seeks for gaps in professional service, professional management and professional image, and constantly improves its service system。
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Jilin Jishi Insurance Agency Co. LTD
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