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Ping an Insurance Company Children's Insurance card
Premium trial
Guarantee period 年龄 Class level Number of insured shares per person
1 0-18周岁 1

Children safe card, insurance premium100

Children's Safety card

Insurance time limit

The compensation payable Unit: YUAN (RMB)

Accidental death insurance

Accidental disability coverage

Accidental hospitalization coverage( (Compensation ratio90%Deductibles:50元)

Accidental outpatient medical coverage( (Compensation ratio90%Deductibles:50元)

Children's serious illness

(the waiting period30天)







Children's Safety cardPing an Life Insurance Company of China in lineCustomer first, service firstThe service purpose, relying on advanced and powerful network service platform, launched the self-service insurance card products。
After obtaining the card, the customer logs in with the account number and password on the cardpinganWebsite, input insurance related information, after the online verification through the generation of insurance policy。

Main features:

  Once used, year-round guarantee
  Both domestic and foreign people can be insured
  24Hour insurance, insurance policy instant generation
  Check your policy information online at any time


12. This card is only used by the customer for insurance, and is not an insurance certificate. The card holder shall carry out insurance according to the effective procedure of insurance during the validity period of the card, and the corresponding of the card after obtaining the policy numberThe insurance shall enter into force at 0:00 of the eighth day。The company shall not pay the insurance benefits for the insured accidents occurring before the insurance liability becomes effective。
, "Ping An Students one-year term Life Insurance Clauses", "Ping An Accidental Disability Additional Clauses", "Ping An Additional Students Accidental Injury Medical Insurance Clauses", "Ping An Children critical Illness Insurance clauses" are applicable to this card,All employees, agents, operators and brokers of the company shall have no right to advertise or make promises inconsistent with these terms。
、请在Children's Safety cardIf the card is insured before the application date indicated on the back, the cardholder shall bear the loss caused by the expiration of the card due to its own reasons。
Please check it on the spotChildren's Safety cardPassword film on the back is intact, if damaged, please immediately request replacement。The cardholder shall bear the loss caused by password disclosure due to its own reasons。
, the Company shall not be liable for the losses caused to cardholders by technical failures such as data transmission interruption, pause, delay and error caused by factors beyond the company's control such as the Internet。In case of the above faults, please contact the company in time, and the company will do its best to coordinate and solve the relevant technical problems in time。
, insurance information required: name of the insured, certificate number, contact address, zip code, contact telephone, email, etc。The account number, password and e-policy number of this card are the basis for inquiry, please keep them properly。

Introduction of insurance rules:

   1Insurance coverage: born full30He has been discharged from hospital18Children aged one, healthy and able to live and study normally can be the insured, and their parents can participate in this insurance as the policy holder。
Beneficiary: The beneficiary of this self-help insurance card is legal, and only the parents, spouse and children of the insured are accepted as the beneficiaries of the insurance。
Insurance limitation: each insured person can not insure more than one copy。Double the amount of medical insurance for accidental hospitalization caused by school injury during statutory school hours。
Duration of insurance: The duration of this insurance is one yearpinganIf a policy number is registered on the website, the insurance liability becomes effective at zero hours on the eighth day after the policy number is registered and expires at twenty-four hours on the agreed termination date。
, the insurance premium of each children's safe card is100元;告知义务:依据我国《世界杯买比赛app下载》的规定,投保人、被保险人应如实告知,否则保险人有权依法解除保险合同,并对于保险合同解除前发生的保险事故不负任何责任。When policy-holder, insurant is cast, answer to cast each content inside the book to explain in detail according to the facts or fill in clear, otherwise the underwriter has authority to remove insurance contract lawfully。
Remarks on liability: The insured shall be excluded from liability for insured accidents caused by pre-existing diseases, congenital diseases, genetic diseases and complications of the above-mentioned diseases。The liability for accidental medical expenses shall bear the medical expenses incurred in public hospitals at county/district level and above;
Underwriting by the insurer: This insurance contract is formed by the underwriter after the applicant has insured the insurance according to the effective procedures of the insurance and approved by the insurance company。After the insurance contract is established, the effective date of this insurance policy begins at 0:00 of the eighth day that the insurance policy number is obtained。