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news>>> Insurance regulatory Agency Meng Long director of the intermediary development of confusion
Insurance regulatory Agency Meng Long director of the intermediary development of confusion
Click rate: 4729 Published by: administrator Date: 2012-12-16
    What is the current development prospect and future supervision direction of regional insurance agency?Will regional insurance agencies be released in the future?

  Insurance regulatory Agency director Meng Long: we all know,The CIRC regulates the entry and exit of the insurance agency market,We will ensure that the rectification of the insurance agency market is effective,Since this year, the regional insurance agency and its branch establishment permits have been suspended,At the same time also suspended financial institutions, postal services outside all insurance concurrent agency qualification approval。

  The above policies mainly consider the following aspects: first, the need to establish and improve the insurance market access and withdrawal mechanism。As the current insurance market access and withdrawal mechanism is not perfect, affecting the efficiency of the allocation of insurance market resources, hindering the healthy operation of the insurance market, the national insurance regulatory work conference proposed that it is an important and urgent work to establish and improve the market access and withdrawal mechanism。世界杯买比赛app下载市场的准入和退出一直遵循市场化、法治化的原则,但也存在一些问题,主要表现为:相关规定较为原则,各地政策尺度不够一致;代理市场准入主体实力不强、参差不齐,直接影响了代理市场的秩序和效率。Therefore, standardizing the admittance and withdrawal of insurance agency market is one of the important contents of establishing and improving the market admittance mechanism。The suspension of market access permits for regional insurance agencies and financial institutions, as well as all insurance concurrent agencies other than postal services, is a measure to be taken for those links where the problems are more prominent and reflect more concentration。

  Second, the need to clean up the insurance agency market。Although there are some national insurance agencies with strong capital strength, regional insurance agencies still account for the vast majority。The registered capital of most of these companies is less than 2 million yuan. Restricted by capital strength, they do not have the ability to sell complex products. Their business scale is small and mainly focuses on auto insurance, with serious product homogeneity and low-level disorderly competition。Some agency companies completely become insurance companies to illegally get funds and tools, and even engaged in suspected pyramid selling and illegal fund-raising and other criminal activities。On the other hand, insurance concurrent agencies have now exceeded 190,000, in addition to more than 130,000 banks and postal concurrent agencies, nearly 50,000 agencies mostly acting motor vehicle insurance。The problems of large number of concurrent insurance agencies, non-standard behavior and poor supervision effect have long existed。In view of the problem of "small, scattered, disorderly and poor" insurance agency market, the CIRC has deployed the comprehensive management of the insurance agency market, and promoted the specialization and scale of the insurance agency market while cleaning up and rectifying it。It is one of the necessary conditions to achieve the expected goal of comprehensive governance of the agency market to strictly control incremental institutions and prevent the regional agencies, financial institutions and concurrent agencies that do not conform to the policy orientation from continuously entering the market。

  The third is the need to coordinate with other policies and measures governing the insurance agency market。The general principle of insurance agency market governance is "combination of blocking and thinning, and simultaneous promotion of backward development".。Blocking or withdrawing insurance means strictly restricting market access of regional insurance agencies and other institutions in accordance with the law and limiting their growth。The existing scattered, disorderly and poor agencies should be "closed, suspended, combined and transferred" to reduce the stock by cleaning up and reciting for about three years。To promote peace and progress means to promote the restructuring of the agency market, further expand the scope of the pilot on the basis of the pilot experience, guide and promote the gradual transformation of auto sales and maintenance enterprises and other part-time agencies into professional insurance agencies, and actively explore the pilot project of professional insurance agency of the Bank and Postal Service。Implementation of the Measures for The Supervision of Insurance Intermediary Service Group Companies,We will promote mergers and reorganizations, listing and financing of professional insurance agencies,Enhance capital strength,Improve corporate governance,Improve management level and professional ability,Set up branches to national agency (sales) companies,In the examination and approval process to give preferential policies,We will guide the large-scale and networked development of insurance agency companies。

  Fourth, the need for policy guidance。The problem of "small, scattered, disorderly and poor" insurance agency market has seriously affected the efficiency of the insurance market and damaged the image of the insurance industry, which does not meet the needs of the scientific development of the insurance industry。However, as the insurance agency market has a wide range of points, confusion and weak foundation, to completely reverse the situation requires the wisdom and courage of the industry and society, as well as the wisdom and courage of the regulatory authorities。Circ will seize the favorable opportunity of the transformation and development of the insurance industry and the great adjustment, reform and development of the insurance intermediary market,Send an unmistakable policy signal to the market,That is, unwaveringly promote concurrent agent specialization and professional agent scale,Unwaveringly improve the agency market's professional level and comprehensive service ability。

  The implementation of the policies in the early stage was very effective and received positive evaluation from the market, industry and society. Despite the great efforts, the intermediary market and intermediary business were not impacted due to the proper coordination of policies and the proper pace of work, and the intermediary market and business developed steadily and rapidly, with healthier development。

  Of course, the so-called suspension, must be temporary, will not stop forever, but to be restored after adjustment and norms。The CIRC's policy of standardizing the development of the insurance intermediary market has not changed, nor has the idea of improving the access mechanism of the insurance agent market along the direction of marketization。Please rest assured that, as scheduled, we will put forward clear follow-up policies and measures by the end of the year on the basis of a comprehensive assessment of the effects of our policies. The general principle is to respect history and seek progress while maintaining stability。Our policy is continuous and firm, but at the same time prudent and gradual。

  I hope you can talk about speeding up the reform of marketing system. Insurance regulatory commission has issued a series of policies, notices and decisions。What new measures will be taken next, or bigger measures and methods。

  Meng Long, director of cirC Intermediary Department: We all know that the current insurance salesman management model was introduced from Taiwan in the 1990s by AIA Shanghai Branch, which played an important role in promoting the rapid development of the life insurance industry in the early stage of the development of the insurance industry。In the process of the continuous improvement of law and social progress, the inherent contradictions and problems of the existing insurance marketing system become increasingly prominent。The legal relationship between marketing staff and the company is not smooth, and the incentive mechanism of life insurance marketing, which encourages people to pull heads, develop downlines and take commissions at different levels, leads to extensive management, unstable team, low quality and serious sales misdirection, which damages the image of the industry and is not conducive to the sustainable development of the industry。

  Insurance marketing system reform involves a wide range of problems, complex, inertia, resistance is not small。The current situation is: without reform, there is no way out; without major reform, there is no foundation; rapid reform is risky。The essence of reform is to adjust the pattern of interests formed over a long period of time, which is inevitably accompanied by different voices.。We should pay attention to three principles. First, we should be sober-minded。We should recognize and face up to the problems existing in this system,Unswervingly promote reform,The "interest groups" struggling to preserve the system and model should not be accommodated,To do otherwise is to perpetuate indefinitely a deeply problematic model that is already loose and unsustainable,Continue to exacerbate social suspicion and corruption,Continue to add to the negative impact of the industry,Cause more and more serious problems。Second, it is not practical。Underestimating the risks that reform might bring, engaging in sports-style shock therapy, and idealized the hope that "quick results" could be achieved through simple administrative measures。Third, intolerance。The reform of the old system and the innovation of the new model are blamed for the lack of tolerance to the new market forces。These tendencies will lead to the development of the new model, the old model will not change, the result may be worse。

  We should fully assess the difficulties and obstacles in reform, respect history, face up to problems, build up our resolve and confidence in reform, and grasp the timing, intensity and pace of reform。For this, in September this year, the INSURANCE regulatory Commission issued the "opinions on unswervingly promoting the reform of insurance marketing member management system", further unified the industry's understanding of the necessity and urgency of reform。The basic principles of the reform were put forward: adhering to the principles of supervision guidance, market selection, industry promotion and company responsibility, and further taking more targeted and stronger measures。Encourage innovation and dilute the stock of problems with healthy increments。We will strengthen the responsibility of management and control of insurance companies, and straighten out the insurance marketing system and mechanism。Improve the overall quality of the marketing team and promote the professionalism of the insurance marketing team。Actively explore, pilot first, by point and surface, gradually promote。And put forward for the first time 3 years, 5 years phased goals: with 3 years or so, to change the insurance marketing management extensive, unstable team, quality is not high status, the quality of insurance marketing team steadily improved, insurance marketing professional image significantly improved。In about 5 years, the market proportion of new models and new channels has been greatly increased。

  After the promulgation and implementation of the Opinions, the industry and society have received a good response, and the policy effect has initially appeared. First, the reform attitude of the whole industry has become more resolute and more unified。In 2003, CIRC began to study the reform of marketing system, and reviewed the 10-year regulatory process. Due to various objective factors and gaps in understanding, the reform process was slow。Many reform proposals cannot be implemented because of differences in understanding。Especially in the cases involving the interests of some large companies and the internal control mechanism of the management system, they are often opposed or even obstructed by some companies。In recent years, with the great attention and support of cirC leaders, especially the personal participation and direct command of some difficult and hot work, the reform process has been significantly accelerated, and the unswerving reform stance and determination of CIRC have been conveyed to the industry。After the promulgation of the Opinions, the industry's understanding of the reform is more profound and more convergent。Second, the direction of reform has become more clear, and market players are making more explorations and innovations。In the regulatory attitude, social doubt and market competition pressure,Market subjects began to think and explore new marketing models and channels: some explore flat management of marketing team,完善收入分配结构;有的试点员工制,解决营销人员社会保障;有的拓展网络销售、社区门店销售,走多元化营销道路;有的通过设立专属销售公司,Realize the separation of production and sales。By the end of October 2012, 13 insurance companies had become 12 exclusive sales companies。It is worth noting that national longevity,The Pacific Ocean(5.14,0.22,4.47%)Life insurance, Xinhua Life and other large companies also actively take action, research marketing model innovation, take the sales professional, professional road, which is a decade of change and progress。 Third, the media and public opinion speak highly of CIRC's unswerving reform attitude and realistic reform ideas。The media showed great enthusiasm and paid close attention to the Opinions. The Financial Times, International Finance News, National Business News, Xinhuanet, Hexun and other major mainstream media in China reported the opinions in different forms and expressed a positive attitude towards the opinions。We have also engaged the media and the industry in ways such as soliciting manuscripts, round-table forums and symposiums to strengthen policy advocacy。

  The current positive changes in the industry have not come easily. We still need to be fully aware of the complexity and arduousness of reform, and continue to implement the policies and measures in the Opinions in accordance with the reform principles and objectives specified in the Opinions。For the next step, we plan to focus on the following tasks: first, carry out in-depth and sustained research, and explore research reform paths and evaluation index systems。Further summarize domestic practice cases, draw on international experience, explore and put forward an indicator system to evaluate reform changes and effects, and put forward forward-looking reform direction and path。Second, improve the regulatory system and strengthen the responsibility of insurance companies。Continue to cooperate with the Ministry of Laws and Regulations to accelerate the promulgation and implementation of relevant regulatory systems, and urge insurance companies to earnestly assume the responsibility of marketing staff control。The dereliction of control and control of insurance companies will be severely punished and notified in the industry and regulatory system through typical cases。

  The third is to guide the industry association to promote the continuous improvement of insurance marketing personnel quality。Guide insurance industry associations, learn from the experience of Japan and Taiwan, explore and put forward work plans to continuously improve the quality of insurance marketing personnel。Fourth, we will summarize innovation models and reform models in a timely manner。Pay close attention to market entities' exploration of new modes and channels of insurance marketing, increase policy support, and timely summarize and publicize through various forms。

  We believe that,Through our unswerving and unremitting efforts,In the near future,We can certainly build a clear legal relationship, clear management responsibilities, equal rights and obligations, efficiency and fairness, income and performance,We will basically ensure a sound, legal, standardized, diversified and dynamic new insurance sales system,Cultivate a professional insurance sales team with good conduct, high quality and sustainable development。

  I would like to ask Director Meng whether the CIRC has a plan to completely cancel the concurrent agency in a certain period of time, or to transform it into a professional agency。

  Insurance regulatory Agency director Meng Long: transformation has begun, the goal is very clear: it is the specialization of concurrent agents, this is a big trend。After ten years of experience, we now have a general consensus, including industry and regulatory authorities, that this model is problematic in the broad direction。However, this problem has been formed over a long period of history, and the so-called specialization cannot change it overnight like the marketing system I mentioned just now。What we're pushing now is "specialization of auto insurance agents."。我们现在一方面鼓励专业化,出台了专门的系统的政策措施;到一定程度、一定时期,我们还要加大对兼业代理的政策限制。New increments have been stopped and the stock has to be cleaned up。In this way, while encouraging restrictions, over a period of time, the professional market will gradually expand, and the market for part-time jobs will correspondingly shrink, and specialization will naturally be realized gradually。Of course, we will pay attention to the rhythm of the market and go through a gradual process of "one decline, another rise"。At the same time, we also need to be careful not to cause big fluctuations and shocks to the market in the process of transformation。It seems that the response from various sectors is quite good, which means that many enterprises and industries with initiative are taking action。Whether to let it die depends on the market and policy impact。It would be a good thing if his historical duty were accomplished and he had a new kind of youth?We will not eliminate or support any one by administrative means. What we do is to guide policies and make market choices。The ultimate goal is for insurance consumers to get more professional, comprehensive and transparent services。

  When can the national insurance intermediary association be established? Is there a timetable?Provincial intermediary associations have now, what functions and power they have after all?

  Meng Long, director of intermediary department of China Insurance Regulatory Commission: I am not qualified to answer the question about the insurance industry association。I said, "Are you going to start an association?"Now you ask me。You really shouldn't be asking me in a real market economy。Asking me that question is the wrong way round。However, we have emerged from the planned economy, and it is realistic and understandable that administrative colors permeate our ideas and actions。We are making progress, and fast。I know less than ten insurance intermediary associations at the provincial level, about seven or eight, which are really doing well and playing a very good role in the local market。As for functions, they should be developed, explored and perfected. As for power, it is best not to think that it must be an organization serving members。The agency market is very complex, part-time agents, professional agents, and a huge marketing team, these things are not clear before the establishment of a national association is very difficult。Judging from the present situation, the "Insurance Brokers Association of China" may be set up in the near future。Since the conditions for insurance brokers are mature in all aspects, last year we began to demonstrate and promote the development of insurance brokers, and did a lot of work. Many of you attended the meeting。We through the publicity of public opinion, theoretical research, field investigation, now through communication with the relevant departments, basically reached a consensus。I think in 2013, it could happen。

  Now "production and sales separation" intermediary industry provisions can have four categories can be engaged in the termination of the group。One of them, shareholder resources in the enterprise is not mentioned。If there are too many intermediary agencies of shareholder resources, it is not fair for the development of professional intermediary agencies in the market。Is it also beneficial to reduce the shareholder resources of the intermediary institutions, make the market more market-oriented development direction, beneficial to promote the development of professional institutions?I'm not getting this right?

  Insurance regulatory agency director Meng Long: I do not know the understanding of your problem is right。What is the purpose of the collectivization of professional agent, or the collectivization of professional intermediary?After ten years, we have some organizations that have done very well. What if Nan can go to the next level?Once the field has expanded, it is difficult to operate on the existing platform, which is the natural choice of the market。After the group has made a certain scale, it needs to integrate resources so that it can provide customers with more comprehensive, high-quality and professional services。

  As for the situation of "shareholder resources" you mentioned just now, it is understandable and inevitable。A few intermediary companies have shareholder resources, is fair on the market。We can understand this matter, you said that "resources" and "no resources" are certainly different, but this kind of "unfair" is inevitable, you think about it, other aspects are the same, a company has been working for hundreds of years, you just founded today, you can not say why he is so long, I am so short, it is not fair。There is no way. This is his advantage. If it is taken away by administrative means, it will be unfair to him。Transposition, if it is a company with resources, this is not a shameful thing。But whether it does well or not, whether sustainable, to the market to test。We do not encourage the use of shareholder resources as intermediaries, because in the long run the market depends on expertise。Resources are a factor, but it's not easy to say it can't be。Because as long as there is a resource has value, he must go to a valuable place, this is the law, then why don't we let him do it openly, transparently and legally。

  Conclusion: The "four Modernizations" of insurance intermediary market in the future

  Insurance regulatory agency director Meng Long: I really want to learn with you through such an opportunity。I know from your questions what are your concerns。And this is something that we take into account in our regulatory practice, and this is actually a lesson that you've taught me。Asking these questions forces us to think, and I am willing to participate in such opportunities in the future。I don't have any more hope, I just hope everyone does well。There will be a very important turning point in intermediary history this year, we specially opened a meeting in the insurance regulatory Commission。We have a basic goal, and now we have a couple of things。

  We can summarize it with the "four Modernizations" :

  1.Professionalization of the marketing insurance sales force。  To form a professional team in all aspects of the current industry marketing, let insurance people after three or five years or more time, we work together to train the professional image and quality of the insurance team。This is a systematic project, including the establishment of professional team, professional sales company, brokerage company and make him grow up healthily。In addition, the current marketing team of insurance companies, the internal re - engineering, re - reform, this is a supporting work。上述两点一旦实现了,可能对我们保险市场是一个很大的推动,这是一个确定的目标,就是要让我们的销售队伍;不管是经纪公司、代理公司还是保险公司本身的销售队伍,都要走职业化的道路。

  2.Sideline agent specialization。

  Banking, postal, car these account for nearly 90% of all concurrent agency business now。Bank life insurance accounts for about 40%, car insurance, repair shop this piece in property insurance accounts for about 40%, plus postal, these three together nearly 90%。我们下一步先从汽车世界杯买比赛app下载入手,现在已经启动了,效果还是不错,越往后可能会进展的更快;车险过了邮政,邮政过了银行。If these are successfully transferred, it will be a big improvement in terms of management and risk control。Imagine how big that prospect is?The market will be very, very big。How much do we have now?I'm going to transfer this piece over。

  3.Scale of professional intermediary。

  Now there are many groups in the market, and they will emerge in succession。If there are dozens of companies in the whole market, not too many, but thirty and fifty groups that can integrate resources, the whole intermediary industry will enter a new era。

  4.The intermediary business of insurance companies shall be standardized。

  This "normalization" emphasizes the relationship between intermediary organizations, including brokerage companies, agency companies, appraisal companies and customers and insurance companies。The intermediary must be combined with the insurance market, is a part of the insurance market, must deal with the relationship with the insurance company。The most basic requirement of this relationship is authenticity, transparency and legality. The problem now is not authenticity, transparency and legality。Hurt the insurance company already, also hurt the intermediary his image。If it is true, transparent and legal, we can further achieve long-term stability and harmony.。“长期、稳定、和谐;真实、透明、合法”,这就是进到整个保险市场新的时代,中介和保险市场的良性互动就真正开始了。

  If this "four" goal is realized, the insurance market at that time is not today's insurance market, insurance intermediary is not today's insurance intermediary。

  Thank you!

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