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Claim case>>> The owner of a new car that caught fire received 80,000 yuan in insurance compensation
The owner of a new car that caught fire received 80,000 yuan in insurance compensation
Click through: 4823 Published by: administrator Date: 2012-12-16
    Shaoxing native Mr. Wang never expected that his car parked downstairs would burn into a heap of scrap metal less than half an hour after he got home。For the next two months, the owner and the manufacturer were unable to explain the cause of the fire。而随后,当地消防部门的事故认定,又让事件产生了令人意想不到的变化……近日,本报汽车路路通热线就收到了这样一起投诉。

  Just upstairs, the new car was on fire

  In January this year, Mr. Wang bought a Changan Ford Mondeo Zhisheng 2 at a Ford 4S shop in Shaoxing.3L automatic luxury car。The car costs 200,000 yuan, of which 100,000 yuan is mortgage loan。In the months before he bought it, everything was fine, and Mr. Wang was maintaining it according to the manufacturer's regulations -- by October of this year, it was 2.40,000 kilometers, Mr. Wang went to 4S shop maintenance 4 times。

  At about 11 o 'clock on October 4, Mr. Wang drove home as usual and parked his car downstairs in the community。I was just about to go to bed when I heard a noise downstairs。“着火了!”刚开始王先生以为居民楼着火了,把头探出窗口一看,却发现自家的车已经燃起了熊熊大火。When Mr. Wang hurried downstairs, the fire in the car was out of control。Alarm, firemen will put out the fire, but the purchase of less than a year of the car, less than half an hour has been burned into a pile of scrap metal。

  The vehicle is not insured against spontaneous combustion

  What exactly is the cause of the vehicle fire?After the incident, Mr. Wang contacted 4S shop, hoping to discuss。In late October, after several rounds of contact, Mr. Wang received an appraisal report from the manufacturer。"The forensic report said the cause of the fire ruled out the vehicle itself。”

  According to the insurance industry regulations, the car in the process of use, because of the vehicle circuit, circuit and other problems fire, belongs to the car "spontaneous combustion"。如果车主未购买自燃险,那么保险公司不负责赔偿;如果是外因(例如被引燃)引起,则属于“火灾”,那么保险公司将酌情赔偿,不过赔偿额往往无法达到损失额。For the vehicle fire is "spontaneous combustion", or "fire", by the fire department to identify。

  At that time in Mr Wang's view, his car is "spontaneous combustion"。He did not buy spontaneous combustion insurance, because he could not get insurance compensation, had to go to the manufacturer。So he couldn't accept the appraisal report。

  After receiving Mr. Wang's complaint, the reporter called Mr. Wang bought a car 4S shop。Fan, manager of the store's customer service department, said mondeo did catch fire。"Now we are also coordinating with insurance to get as much as possible for our customers。"That day, the reporter also contacted ford 800 customer service。After recording the relevant situation, the customer service staff said that they would "coordinate immediately and reply as soon as possible".。

    Events took a turn for the better

  Mr. Wang's car, whether the manufacturer has the obligation to compensate?Gong Menghui, technician of Hangzhou Zhongao Automobile, believes that the cause of auto spontaneous combustion is very complex. It may be caused by the aging of the oil circuit, or it may be a design defect or quality problem。If it is the latter, the manufacturer should compensate。"However, this is an appraisal and judicial process。”

  The reporter also searched the network for the case of auto spontaneous combustion。A search on Baidu for two keywords "Mondeo, spontaneous combustion" found more than 420,000 results, in Chengdu, Guangdong and other places, mondeo has been suspected of spontaneous combustion events。

  When Mr. Wang feels scorched, the incident suddenly takes a turn for the better。On Monday afternoon, Mr. Wang told reporters that the results of the fire appraisal came out -- "due to external causes."。His view has also been confirmed by the 4S shop。"Flammable material near the parking space ignited the vehicle。"Fan, manager of the 4S shop, said," We have secured compensation from the insurance company for Mr. Wang。According to fan, the initial estimate, the insurance company's compensation amount is about 80,000 yuan。

  The reporter also consulted a hangzhou second-hand car business。He believes that if Wang's car had not been burned, it would have fetched at least 120,000 yuan on the used-car market。With only 80,000 yuan left, the result seems unacceptable to him。"It's been two months and I'm really tired."。

  In winter, cars have to be fireproof

  On Monday, reporters interviewed Jin, the chief of the Shaoxing County fire brigade that handled Mr. Wang's accident。Kim said there are many cases of vehicles catching fire。"Among them, both caused by external factors, but also caused by the car itself。In my experience, it's 50 per cent each。”

  Car experts also say that even though winter temperatures are relatively low compared to summer, it is also important to protect your car from fire。Winter is relatively dry, once the vehicle fire, the situation is more difficult to control, general owners should pay attention to the following:

  First, cars must be regularly serviced and maintained。Only good maintenance can avoid aging of circuits and equipment, thus avoiding spontaneous combustion。In the event of a fire, good maintenance records also facilitate the tracing of the cause and accountability。

  Second, reduce contact with combustible materials。When driving, take care to avoid foreign objects。Even if a twig gets caught in the chassis, it can burn because of the heat。In addition, when parking, should also try to avoid parked near combustible。

  Third, once the car fire, be calm。If the hood is smoking, do not blindly open the hood。Because if you open the hood, oxygen starts flooding in, and the fire could get bigger。Instead: Call the police as soon as you pull into a safe position, keep a fire extinguisher in hand, and only lift the hood。
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