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news>>> Basic service standard of insurance professional agency
Basic service standard of insurance professional agency
Click rate: 4563 Published by: administrator Published date: 2013-1-27

 Basic service standard of insurance professional agency

  In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of insurance consumers, this basic service standard is formulated in accordance with the Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China, the Regulations on The Supervision of Insurance Professional Agencies and other laws and regulations。

  The links and contents of professional insurance agencies to serve insurance consumers (customers), including but not limited to fully communicating with customers to understand insurance needs, recommending insurance products, assisting with insurance procedures, providing security services, assisting with claims and handling complaints, etc。

  In the course of providing services, insurance professional agencies shall abide by laws, administrative regulations and the relevant provisions of CIRC, safeguard the rights and interests of customers, be honest, competent, diligent and responsible, fully fulfill the obligation of notification, fully disclose relevant information, and keep customers' privacy and business secrets。Practitioners shall have statutory qualifications, good professional ethics and strong professional ability。

  I. Insurance professional agencies shall fully inform and disclose their first contact with customers

  (1) Actively explain the legal positioning and business nature of professional insurance agencies。


  (3) The practitioners voluntarily present their practicing certificates and identification certificates。

  Ii. Insurance professional agencies shall provide thoughtful and responsible pre-sales services

  (一) Understand customers' social security, purchased commercial insurance, security needs, insurance budget and other basic information。

  (二) On the basis of understanding customers' risk status and insurance needs, fully consider their actual needs and economic capacity, recommend insurance products。

  (三) If the customer designates an insurance company, it shall provide advice to the customer from a professional point of view. If the insurance company has insufficient solvency, additional conditions for underwriting, and the underwriting scope cannot meet the requirements of the customer, it shall remind the customer。

  (四) If the customer does not designate an insurance company, it shall recommend at least two insurance companies for the customer to choose, objectively introduce, analyze and compare their qualifications, solvency, service quality, timeliness of indemnity, etc., and put forward professional opinions to the customer, and the customer shall sign and confirm the selection result。

  Iii. The sales services of professional insurance agencies shall be comprehensive and meticulous

  (I) Before the customer signs the insurance contract,Explain in detail the basic contents of insurance contracts and insurance products,Including but not limited to the main insurance terms, scope of insurance, duration of insurance, compensation limit, exemption clause, dividend distribution method, claim procedure, surrender and other expenses deduction, cash value, hesitation period, grace period, policy termination period, etc,Remind customers to fully fulfill the obligation of informing, cooperate with telephone return visit,Remind the customer of the consequences of violating the obligation of truthful disclosure,And confirmed in writing by the customer。

  (II) Assist customers to prepare insurance documents, ensure that the risk warning and other insurance information is true, accurate and effective, and signed by customers themselves。Remind customers to cooperate with the inspection, timely physical examination or provide relevant information within the specified time limit。

  (3) remind the customer to fulfill the payment obligation on time according to the payment conditions of the insurance contract。

  Urge insurance companies to issue insurance policies or certificates within the agreed time。

  (V) Assist customers to check whether the contract text is completely consistent with the application information, and ensure that insurance documents and relevant documents are complete and accurate。

  (6) Deliver the insurance contract within the agreed time and in the agreed manner as required by the customer。

  Iv. The after-sale service of professional insurance agencies shall be diligent and efficient

  (I) Timely deal with problems in the process of return visit, and assist customers to reconfirm insurance items。

  (2) notifying the customer of the occurrence of any increase or decrease of the subject matter insured, change of name, change of nature of occupation, change of address, change of risk status, transfer of rights, etc., during the term of the insurance contract, it shall timely fulfill the obligation of notification as agreed in the insurance contract。

  (3) When the insurance professional agency finds the occurrence of the above circumstances, it shall put forward corresponding insurance suggestions to the customer, and after obtaining the customer's confirmation, assist the customer to apply to the insurance company for correction procedures。

  (iv) If the policy has the right to pledge loans, it shall remind the customer and assist the customer to prepare relevant materials and go through relevant procedures as required。

  (5) Timely feed back the information of the insurance company to the customer, and assist the customer to go through the relevant procedures such as insurance claim。

  (6) If the client proposes to surrender the insurance, explain the surrender terms and possible losses and risks, and assist the client in handling relevant procedures as required。


  5. An insurance agency shall assist its clients in making claims in a proper and timely manner

  (I) Timely report to the insurance company or instruct the customer to report to the insurance company after receiving the report from the customer。

  (ii) Reminding customers of the matters needing attention, claim procedure and material preparation of insurance claims。

  (III) After customers apply for claims, assist customers to sort out and prepare relevant claim materials, and track the process of insurance companies handling claims。

  (4) Conduct communication and coordination in case of major insurance accidents or disputes over claims。

  6. Professional insurance agencies shall handle complaints in a timely and effective manner

  (I) Establish a special channel for complaints, set up a special telephone for complaints, and inform customers。

  (2) Timely handle customer complaints, in5Feedback processing intention within working days, timely and accurately inform the processing results, and properly keep relevant records。
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